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During the mid 1990's, I started writing a motoring articles for local newspapers, and once in a while would receive a phone call from an editor asking to borrow an item from my "archive" for a picture. I was more than happy to assist, as this enabled me to acquire press passes to the motor shows - London, Birmingham, Geneva, Paris and Frankfurt have all been attended, and I have kept many of the brochures and press packs acquired there.

Nowadays, I tend specialise in collecting brochures on the more sporty, luxurious and exotic machinery, but anything unusual or rare will always grab my interest. Over the last few years, the internet has been a wonderful source for putting brochure collectors in contact with each other, so please look at all the links for more interesting car brochure stuff.

You can usually find me selling off things on Ebay under the username of 'brochureboy1' so be sure to have a look sometime. I'm not sure how many items I have in total, but somewhere in the 120,000 region would not be too far off - including well over 1,600 Ferrari brochures , Cavallino / Ferrari World mags and press packs going back to the 1960's and roughly 4,000 Ford brochures from all countries going back to just after the last war. I do not collect pre-war brochures, but have managed to collect a few along the way.

Highlights of my collection have to be brochures on various Abarths, many old and new Aston Martins, Russian Chaika and Zil Limousine brochures, most of the UK issued Fast Ford brochures (including original GT40, Capri RS3100, Lotus Cortinas, RS Escorts etc) as well as four different German produced Capri RS2600 brochures, over 200 Lamborghini brochures and press kits, plus brochures on ASA, ATS, Facel Vega (about 25) Bolwell Nagari from Australia, Bugatti, Cizeta, De Tomaso, Iso, Maserati (about 300), Pegaso, Stanguellini and all manner of other weird and wonderful machinery. You can see a bit more about this in the October 2002 edition of "Classic and Sports Car" where they came round to visit my house, spent hours pouring over the brochures that interested them and took some pictures of some of the ones they found to be more appealing.

It is my intention to post some photographs of the above items and others at irregular times, and I do have huge back-up stocks of duplicates so if there is anything you are looking for, please send me an e-mail. However please don't ask me to send a list everything I have because I haven't listed everything out on computer as yet. This is a job for when I either get made redundant or retire from my job in London in the insurance industry.

I hope you enjoy this site, and hope to hear from you soon...


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