Normally, you will find me at my happiest playing drums with my covers band "Sad at the Clinic" in the Essex and Suffolk areas or recording CD's and radio jingles etc as and when time permits. But this is not a music or drumming website, it's dedicated to my other great hobby, Car Brochures.

Ever since I could walk and talk, I had a fascination with motor cars. At an early age, I was able to identify all the cars on the road, and I would insist my Dad turn the car around or put his foot down when I couldn't recognise one! One day, my Uncle Jim handed me a pile of Ford sales brochures. He used to work for a Ford dealership in Brentwood, Essex, and explained that every time a new model was released, Ford printed a sales brochure. It wasn't long before I was cycling around the local dealerships and begging the sales people to give me their brochures!
This went on through school, (although I didn't divulge this activity openly to many school chums!)

At 18, I passed my driving test, and took my Mk1 Ford Escort 1300 XL Estate (for my drums of course!) to the further reaches, and of course now I was in the car buying market, the salesmen took me rather more seriously, and were more willing to give me what I wanted.

By now, I had amassed quite a collection, and I had acquired a fair amount of duplicates along the way. Rather than picking up just one copy at a dealership or motor show, I would greedily take as many as I could get away with. I must have been quite good at it, because I cannot recall any instance of being asked to put them back! During the 1980's I started visiting autojumbles, and made a startling discovery:There were actually other people who collected these things, and they actually had stands buying and selling brochures and other related literature.
(And there was me thinking up to then that my collection would be the only surviving archive when cars were banned in the year 2000!)

The first brochure I actually bought with real money was at the Enfield autojumble on New Year's Day in 1986 - a Lamborghini Jalpa brochure for £4.


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I am now selling my whole collection of 1000s of Car Brochures...
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